CBSE Grade 8 Mathematics: Important topics from exam perspective

Grade 8 is very important for CBSE students and having a strong foundation helps in paving a path for successful future. The syllabus is vast and kids need to have good grasp of their fundamentals in order to achieve marks in CBSE exams. Students should go through the recommended books which explain concepts clearly.

While SA1 is still far away, it’s never too early to work on a strategy to strengthen your fundamentals. We will list out the important topics for SA1 so students can study smart instead of cramming at the last moment.

Chapters covered in SA 1 are:

1. Rational Numbers
2. Linear Equations in One Variable
3. Understanding Quadrilaterals
4. Practical Geometry
5. Data Handling
6. Squares and Square Roots
7. Cubes and Cube Roots
8. Comparing Quantities
9. Algebraic Expressions and Identities
10. Visualizing Solid Shapes
11. Mensuration
12. Exponents and Powers

While all of these need to be practiced, some topics are more important than others and having good grasp of them would help you score better marks. Based on our experience of teaching for years and our observation of question papers in the last few years, our teachers have listed down the chapters that are most important from examination point of view.

Chapter 1: Rational Numbers.

This is one of the basic chapters covering fundamentals already covered in Grade 6 and 7. From our observation of the past years question papers, we suggest you brush up the following topics:

Rational Numbers between Given Rational Numbers: 1 question is assured from this topic
Distributive Property of Multiplication for Rational Numbers: 1 question is expected from this topic

The questions from “Rational Numbers” are easy to score and can help you score 12 – 15 marks.

Download our sample chapter on Rational numbers.

Chapter 2: Linear Equations in one variable

This topic includes “Linear equations with linear expressions on both sides”. Looking at the previous year’s question papers, we can confidently say there is a 80-85% chance of getting a question on this topic.

Equations that are reducible to linear form are also important. We provide our students variety of questions from these topics for practice and guide them on how to avoid common mistakes while attempting questions from Linear equations.

Chapter 3: Understanding Quadrilaterals

This is an important topic because it carries a weightage of almost 20%. Properties play a very important role in this topic and remembering them is crucial in solving the questions. Some of the properties to practice are:

  • Angle Sum Property of Polygons
  • Properties of the Sides of a Parallelogram
  • Properties of the Diagonals of a Parallelogram
  • Properties of the Angles of a Parallelogram

We encourage students to always draw diagram when solving questions from this topic. Our teachers at Eduinfinite spend extra time on this topic because this is one of the areas where many students find it difficult to visualize. We provide them with sample papers, solved examples and help them solve previous year’s question paper.

Download one of our sample chapter on Quadrilaterals.

Chapter 4: Practical Geometry

This chapter requires a lot of attention and practice. Diagrams should be drawn accurately using compass and ruler. Construction of special quadrilateral is an important area in this topic and should not be ignored. Take our teacher’s help to understand this chapter thoroughly and ensure you practice all questions from the books recommended by our teachers.

Chapter 6: Squares and square roots

There are definitely few questions from this topic every year and students are advised to spend enough time practicing and revising this topic. Questions are mostly of 1 or 2 marks but they are easy scorers if practiced well. Write down the formulae and revise them till you know them like the back of your hand.

Important topics from this chapter are:

  • Prime factorization
  • Pythagorean Triplets and
  • Square roots of perfect squares

Download our sample chapter on Squares and square roots.

Chapter 7: Cubes and cube roots

Like previous chapter on squares and square roots, this chapter also requires mastering prime factorization method of finding cube roots. Our teachers at Eduinfinite spend a lot of time making students practice questions on converting a non-perfect cube into a perfect cube. Get your sample papers and revision notes from our teacher and ensure you practice as many questions as you can.

Download our sample chapter on Cubes and cube roots.

Chapter 11: Mensuration

While Mensuration problems are easy to score, they can be confusing if you do not have strong basics. Students can confuse between area, volume and surface area. Our teachers explain these concepts with practical examples and tests the student’s knowledge before asking them to memorize the formulae. Mensuration problems are usually text-based and students should practice a lot of problems to make sure they know the difference between surface area and volumes of 3-D figures like cuboids, cubes and right circular cylinders.

Chapter 12: Powers and exponents

Law of exponents are very important for scoring in this chapter and they should be on your fingertips. Practice a lot of problems which involve converting small and large numbers in standard form. Collect your study material and revision papers from our teachers, solve the problems from the books we recommend and ensure you do the problems carefully. Small mistakes are common in this chapter and you need to concentrate when attempting questions involving powers and exponents.

Download our sample chapter on indices to get an idea of the quality of our material.

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