Coding is fun!

(in partnership with Dr. Megha Gupta)

Introduce your 8-14 year old child to the magical world of coding! Watch them apply their creativity and logical thinking to make animations, computer games and mobile apps on kid-friendly coding platforms.

Know from our students how much they enjoy coding with us in their own words!

The salient features of the courses offered under the {CODE}INFINITE program are as follows:

  • Personalized 1:1 Live Online Classes
  • Classes conducted by top quality instructors
  • Activity-based curriculum to make coding a super-fun experience for kids
  • Flexible schedule – learn at your own convenience
  • Bite-sized courses (12 to 16 hours per course) with well-defined outcomes
  • Parent involvement with session-wise report & feedback



Animation with Code
(8 to 12 years)

Do you have a story to tell? Bring it to life as a fun animation through coding with colourful visuals, lively characters, dialogues, voiceover and sounds!


Game Design
(8 to 14 years)

Learn to code your own games with your characters, your imagined worlds and your rules!



Mobile App Development
(8 to 14 years)

Ever dreamt of that perfect app that you think would be so cool to have? Wait no more! Give your idea wings by building your own mobile app.


Art with Python
(12 to 14 years)

Join us and learn how to code beautiful, complex, geometric patterns on your computer that combine concepts from math, art and computer science.

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About Dr. Megha Gupta

IIT Bombay and University of Southern California alumna with a PhD in computer science and an experience of 10+ years in the field of education. She loves engaging with kids and is constantly awed by their spontaneity and imagination. This love has ensured that she keeps finding effective ways to teach kids relevant skills, whether it be through volunteering, working at EdTech companies, or running her own education venture.

She strongly believes in the importance of coding as a much-needed skill in today’s world and for the future. She has been doing her bit to get kids excited about the wonderful art of coding and the possibilities of computer science. She lives by the mantra of lifelong learning and is constantly looking for new things to learn about and share with others.

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