Frequently Asked Questions

Do you conduct 1 on 1 tuition?

We provide one-to-one maths coaching in Singapore. Each child has a different requirement and we believe in personalised attention. Our aim will be to ensure that the student builds a strong foundation in the subject. The teacher will vary the teaching method, adjust the nature of the problems to ensure individual needs of the student are addressed. We assess the effectiveness of our teaching methodology from time to time to ensure that no problems go unaddressed.

Do you recommend one-to-one or group tuition?

The type of tuition a child requires depends a lot on his/her individual needs. There are pros and cons of both the options. Some students prefer one-on-one coaching because of the personalized attention and the interactive learning format. However, there are others who prefer group tuitions because they can share their problems with kids of the same age and prefer livelier environment that a shared classroom provides. Check this blog post on a detailed comparison between group and one-to-one coaching methodologies.

We at Eduinfinite provide both 1-to-1 tuition in Mathematics. Call us on (+65) 8498 2405 and schedule an appointment with our founder Shrabanti to discuss your child’s requirements in detail.

What are the recommended course hours for a student?

Our one-to-one math tuition lasts for 60 mins as we have seen that attention span of the young students starts to drop after this time period.

Some students require more than the scheduled time and we render support upon request for an extended class duration.

What's your Course Fees?

Our fee structure varies for different grades. Please contact the centre directly for details. Call us on (+65) 8498 2405 and schedule an appointment for details.

What subjects do you teach?

We teach Mathematics from Grade 5 to Grade 10.

What syllabus do you cater to?

We provide Math coaching to students from international schools in Singapore. Most of these schools follow International (IB) curriculum.

My child missed his/her class. Do you provide replacement classes?

For individual on-on-one coaching: Yes, we provide replacement classes as long we are advised one day in advance that a student will not be able to attend a class.

Are there trial lessons or demo classes?

We do not offer any trial classes. However, like many of the other coaching classes, we do not have any registration fee (refundable or non-refundable). Students need to enrol for minimum 4 classes. Payment is made in advance at the beginning of the month.

Can a student start the sessions immediately after registration?

Usually, yes if it is a 1-to-1 coaching. If we cannot accommodate the student immediately after registration, we try to schedule the class in the same week.

What are your operating hours?

We are open all 7 days of the week. Timings are:

Monday to Friday: 4pm – 8pm
Saturday & Sunday: 9am – 6pm

Please call us on (+65) 8498 2405 to schedule an appointment.

How are the lessons structured?

Each class is divided into a few sections. The teacher first discusses assignments from the previous class and goes through any specific issues/concerns that a student may have. The teacher then explains a new concept, solves a few problems and explains the steps in detail. Next, the teacher encourages the students to solve a few problems on their own. There may be quizzes/exams held on certain days.

Do you provide study material / online teaching?

Yes, we provide extensive study material to our students. The study material that students receive is specially curated by grade experts in Mathematics. Study materials include but not limited to:

Topic wise guides: Depending on the topic the teacher is doing on a particular day, the student will receive the study material.

Assignments: After the completion of any topic, assignment sheet is provided to the student and advised on a timeline for submission. This is evaluated by the teacher and detailed feedback is provided to the student later.

Online material and Quiz: Access to a Virtual Learning Environment which provides electronic copies of all study materials. There are quizzes available on every topic. A student can attempt the quiz and get instantaneous report and feedback. We continuously develop and include interactive ebooks, study material, assignments and self-testing quizzes online.

How do you measure the progress of a student?

Students are given extensive assignments on each topic and the solutions are discussed in the class. Short quizzes, exams are held at regular intervals on each topic. Tests may comprise of multiple-choice, true-false, multiple answers or conceptual questions. Every student has a different approach to learning and we ensure we test them in different ways to get an insight into their understanding of the concept. The tests are designed according to the skill set of the student.

We closely monitor the performance of each student and track progress. These tests help to:

  • Learn and retain new information over a long term
  • Apply mathematical concepts across different life contexts.
  • Improve time management skills
  • Get out of the comfort zone and minimise exam related fears
  • Improve accuracy
  • Boost confidence level in the topic

Do you provide feedback to parents?

Parents are kept up-to-date about the progress of the student. Parents will get access to scorecards for each assignment, exam completed by the student. They will be able to login to our LMS and view the reports, comments made by the teacher against the student and track progress. We also encourage the parents to setup time with the teachers to discuss their child’s progress.

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