One-to-one or group tuition?

One-to-One Math Coaching?

Singapore has a very competitive education environment and when it comes to mathematics, Singapore’s standards are considered to be one of the toughest. Many parents opt for private tuition for their kids. It is said that 7 out of 10 kids in Singapore go for private or home tuition. The number of tutors and tuition agencies has therefore burgeoned. A big question that often comes when looking for private tutors is whether one should go for one-to-one math coaching or group tuition. We discuss the pros and cons of both the styles in this article.

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What is one-to-one or 1-to-1 tutoring?

1-to-1 tuition is when the teacher gives individual intensive support to the student. The 1-to-1 tuition sessions at Eduinfinite last for 60 mins.

Benefits of one-to-one tution

  • Personalised teaching based on the level of competence of the child.
  • Focused attention of the teacher, ensuring that the child’s style of learning is incorporated.
  • Flexibility with the lessons: More time can be spent on a topic that the student finds difficult and easier topics can be refreshed quickly.
  • Better rapport with the teacher, motivating the child to bring out his/her best
  • Flexibility with class schedule: If the student cannot attend class for some reason; class can be rescheduled.

What is group tuition?

Group tuition is a class where a tutor works with a small group of students (not more than 4 in case of Eduinfinite). The tutor teaches the students; while also giving the time to interact and discuss with peers of the same age group. While the focus is not on one particular child, having small classroom size means teacher can still customise the lessons.

Benefits of group tuition

  • Students can share their knowledge with each other
  • Children get to listen to different ways of solving a problem which they may not have thought of
  • Group tuition encourage healthy competition
  • The environment is more lively and children get to make more friends
  • Group tuition are usually more affordable than 1-to-1 tuition
  • Encourages interaction between kids, thus enhancing their social skills

Which is better for my child: 1-to-1 or group tuition?

While both the styles have their own pros and cons, there are a few factors you can consider when deciding between the two. Here are the things to consider:

Personality of the child: If a student is shy and prefers self-study over group study, one-to-one tuition works better for him/her. Further, if he/she is outgoing and is okay asking doubts in front of other students, small group tuition could be a good idea. Some kids do well when they are pushed by peer pressure to do better; while some perform well when not pressurised to compete.

Time: If you need to cover a lot of syllabus in a short span of time, go for 1-to-1 tuition. Group tuition will go at their own pace and may not be the best option.

Purpose of the tuition: Some parents engage tutors so the concepts taught at school can be reinforced. This may or may not include assistance with homework. If that is the case, 1-to-1 tuition works better unless all students in the group are from the same school/ grade. If you are looking for tuition for a particular exam, say Olympiad; group tuition will work better. They have peer support which brings in healthy competition, previous years question papers, different approach to solving problems etc.

Level of competence: Group math coaching usually caters to average students or students who are of the same level. If you want your child to go for math coaching because he is below his grade students in terms of understanding the subject; go for one-to-one math coaching. Same is the case with exceptional students. They may feel bored in group settings and may not feel adequately challenged.

Keep in mind all these factors and advantages and disadvantages of both the styles of math coaching; and then decide on a course of action. We at Eduinfinite are always here to guide you into making the right decision. Call us today on (+65) 8498 2405 and schedule an appointment.

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