Teaching Methodology

Teaching Methodology – Singapore Centre

Mathematics has been often considered a “difficult” subject. Some students have a tendency to be extremely worried about Maths. Hence, as a specialised mathematics coaching centre, it is our priority and duty to make students realise that “mathematics can be interesting and fun”.

As part of our regular class room teaching we continuously look at ways to make the classes interesting and encourage active student participation.

We adopt the following approach in our classes:

  • Organise quizzes on different topics
  • Foster critical thinking
  • Encourage students to think out of the box and look at different strategies to solve a particular problem
  • Reward the students
  • Special attention is paid to students who require extra guidance in certain areas

For learning Mathematics, hands-on problem solving is very important. The student has to solve numerous problems on paper and pencil to gain confidence over the subject. As part of our teaching methodology, students are given online assignments which they need to complete on a regular basis within a fixed time period. Our aim is to enhance the ability of students to approach problems in a disciplined manner and ingrain time management skills.

As teachers our aim is to make the students understand the concepts. Once the student is able to grasp the concept, problem-solving is easy. To develop a strong foundation in maths, we provide course material with practical examples; show real-life examples where certain mathematical concepts learnt are used; and encourage students to identify more such scenarios. These methods are used to make the maths sessions interesting, help remove the “fear factor” which is often associated with this subject and at the same time enable students to excel in school and Board examinations.

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